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Unscheduled to scheduled


We are thinking about using/buying the control for scheduling jobs.

We have a collection of "unscheduled" jobs.
Is it possible to drag and drop unscheduled jobs on employees schedules?

Functionally the manager sees a collection of unscheduled jobs in a list and he can drag and drop jobs on a schedule....



  • Ed,

    Are the unscheduled jobs also being displayed in the same Schedule control or somewhere else?
  • Hi Don,

    We don't use the control yet so you tell me.
    I think I can move the unscheduled jobs to the control, but the jobs don't have any day or time set.
    So they must be visible in a list where the can be dragged from.
  • Hi Ed,

    I see. Well, at the moment there is no way to drag and drop onto the Schedule control from another source. That is something we hope to remedy in the future, but it is not likely to happen for another few months.

    We have a client who uses the Schedule control to manage job deliveries. Each column (or entity) represents a driver and each appointment represents a job. There are time, however, when a job comes in but there is no driver to assign it to so the client has an column (entity) on the left labeled "Unassigned". This is where those jobs get created. Then when a driver is identified the dispatcher drags the job from the unassigned column to the driver's column. Does that sound workable?
  • Hi Don,

    I setup an test environment for my management, to see if it would work.
    I was surprised how easy it can be setup, i like it.
    But my management did not see any use for it at the moment, maybe later.

    Can (unscheduled) items be dragged from the tree ?

    Regards Ed
  • Hi Ed,

    At the moment appointments in the tree can only be dragged to other entities within the tree.
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