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Would be nice to have...

the ability to interact with the calendar component of this control in similar ways that you can your datepicker control.
Just to have something like the daystyles property for example would greatly enhance the useability in any number of ways.
Being able to colourise dates on the calendar that are in the appointmentlist for example would mean the user wouldn't have to keep clicking on different days looking for existing appointments.
I have another scenario where I'm looking at using the schedule for planning events. An event might be on just one day but may be for an entire weekend or a whole week, any number of days. What would make things more intuitive was if I could 'block out' in some way the non relevant days on the calendar. It may be by internally disabling certain dates or simply by again colouring the dates in a way that indicates they aren't valid. That way the user could set up the appointments on the first day and then just 'copy' the relevant appointments across to the other days they're required.
I can already handle this by validating the date when they drop the appointment but again its a guessing game for the user.

Just some suggestions because I know you guys are twiddling your thumbs waiting for this sort of thing to come in.


  • I agree that there needs to be visual feedback to the user that certain days contain appointments. My inclination is to automate this so it always synchronizes the date picker days with the appointments you've added. Your second scenario is a bit more complicated. I'm not sure I fully envision how a user would "copy" appointment across multiple days. Would they drag across the date picker?
  • Automating the synchronisation works for me.

    Copying appointments across multiple days? Yes drag across the datepicker in the same way you can now by holding Ctrl and dragging the appointment to the date you want it.
  • Maybe I should clarify a little on that last point.
    I cater for this now by catching the newapptdrop event and just changing the datetime fields of the oldappointment to the new date and then call the addappts method.
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