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SRP_Send_Mail and TLS version control

How can we get SRP_Send_Mail to use TLS v1.2?


  • What version of Windows? What version of SRP Mail? Windows has a lot to do with what TLS is used during HTTP communication.
  • Hey Kevin, Happy New Year!
    Server 2008 R2 and Exchange is on 2012 R2. (I know old, I'm just the messenger).
    "Will disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on the server force it to use TLS 1.2. " ?
    What's the best method for determing the Version of SRP Mail?
  • 2008 RC2 doesn't support TLS 1.2 without some effort. See the link below for more details. SRP_Send_Mail doesn't have to specify the version of TLS. It relies on Windows to use the highest version available to both the client machine and the server. If the email server disables 1.1 and 1.0, I suppose it will only accept TLS 1.2 connections. However, if your 2008 machine doesn't speak TLS 1.2, then the email won't send.

    Hopefully the Microsoft documentation below will be helpful. If not, let me know.

  • Thanks Kevin. I will pass the info along (and encourage a server OS update!).

    BTW - what is the method for determining the Version of SRP Mail we are using?
  • Oh, yeah. Forgot to answer that one. Just right click the SRPMail.dll in the OI folder and the version of the DLL is the version of SRP Mail you are using. The latest version is 3.0.1.
  • FYI/FWIW - we are using 2.0.2. I will look into updating that dll.
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