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Colorize Calendar

I've been using the Schedule control for a few years now and have never updated it with a more recent version. In some cases I display the calendar provided but in other cases needed to set colors on specific dates based on daily appts so I've had to suppress the default calendar and display our own date picker.

Has this been enhanced in a new release now allowing the days on the calendar to be set with color?
I'd much prefer to use the calendar provided.



  • This is currently not an implemented feature. The built-in datepicker was never meant to be as fully featured as the SRP Datepicker Control. It was meant as a convenience that would meet the demands of most SRP Schedule Control users. That being said, I'll add this feature request to my list of requests, but it will not be implemented until other higher priority items have been taken care of.
  • As per my previous post of 08/13/13, I have a form where I am using the Schedule control and turned off the calendar by setting the ShowCalendar property to false. In the process I've made the Schedule control narrower on my form to place my programmed colorized calendar. All works well. I'm noticing a flickering during the 'redisplay' of the schedule control as the calendar appears to be turning off. The time column will display on the control in it's original position and then repositioned to the left most position as it should without the calendar. Is there a way to turn off this resize/reposition activity? I've tried setting REDRAW on the window and the control to false but that doesn't do it.
  • The Schedule control has it's own redraw property, so you can try setting that to 0 and back to 1. You'll have to use the "OLE." prefix in this case to make sure OI knows to user the control's property and not the OI built-in property.
    Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SCHEDULE", "OLE.Redraw", 0) . . . Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SCHEDULE", "OLE.Redraw", 1)
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