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I was expecting, in my design, to have a queryfield as being optional for a GET method, but looks like I get an error (as per the documentation).

I check if it has been provided:
HasVariation = HTTP_Services('GetQueryField', "variation")

error return is '"variation is not a query field in the request."'

Is there anyway around this? or is it just my bad design again (besides enforcing that returned as null eg. ?job=999&variation)


  • I would not call it cheating, just making use of the services available.

    Variation = HTTP_Services('GetQueryField', "variation")
  • From where I sit, that looks like it should work
  • @BarryStevens - Yes, that is the right way to handle it. Something I would like to do sometime is update Error_Services so it supports different levels of errors. Some errors are innocuous and shouldn't affect behavior downstream. This is one of those cases.
  • Ignore my previous. I misunderstood the question and thought your example was what you were sending and by optional you meant the value.
    I'm a little slow on the uptake but I've caught up.

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