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Can't open Security and Report Manager


I am using SRP Frameworks version
I found there are 2 menus which are not working correctly.

1. When I click Security Manager the window does not come out
2. when I click report manager, the report window comes out (it should show dbw_report_manager).

I've Already checked from the command manager and the action for those 2 menus are correct.

Thank you



  • Albert,

    Based on the version you are reporting, you are a couple of updates behind. It would probably be best to get you updated to the latest build so that we are all on the same page. If you'd like to pass along your email, I will get that out to you. If after you've updated these issues aren't resolved, then we'll look more into it.

    As far as the Security Manager goes, the newer version of Frameworks no longer uses that window (as well as the old Users window).. This version uses a newer Users window, Security Polices, and Commands to handle user security. You may have to update your ribbon control to remove these depreciated commands. If you have any other questions on that, just let me know.

  • Hi Frank,

    I want to get the latest build. My email address is albert@optikseis.com

    Thank you,

    Albert K
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