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QR Codes

I am reaching out if anybody has implemented QR code functionality with OI?
(we currently just implement a simple Barcode39 for scanning)

We are just trying to figure out a design as the first step and was wondering if there is a localised tool that can be called to both generate/decode the image from OI? The alterative, as I see it, is utilising calls to free internet services (and then potentially having to store a returned image) but some of our clients are 'internet adverse' and this would not necessarily be a good solution for them.

Any experience appreciated!


  • I have never used this program, but couldn't you just call this program from OI using the SRP command line utility?

  • Am I missing something.
    To create a QR code, install the QR code font and select the font when producing a printout.
    To read a QR code, use a barcode scanner that converts QR code to text that emulates a keyboard.
  • Will,

    I've used the Google API's to generate quick QR codes. Here is some sample code:

    YourBarcodeData = 'Hello World!' URL = 'https://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=300x300&chl=' : YourBarcodeData Response = HTTPClient_Services('SendHTTPRequest', 'GET', URL) OSWrite Response to 'C:\TEMP\testqrcode.png'

    I know other solutions exist but I haven't had the need to look into them.


    As far as I know QR codes can't be represented with fonts and must be generated as an image.
  • @josh - I don't think reading the barcode will be an issue. Generally, a good barcode scanner will translate the barcode into serialized data that OI can easily store.

    @Opto_Will - I know you said your clients might be internet averse, but I have to imagine their systems are online one way or another. Does your application support email? I think Jared's solution would be the easiest to get off the ground. Alternatively, using Josh's suggestion to utilize the SRP_Run_Command and something like SimpleCodeGenerator might work very nicely.
  • Thank you all for your comments.
    Very good food for thought!

    @DonBakke I will contact you directly shortly related to this.
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