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Deploy Btree Index

This is probably really easy but how do I deploy a new Btree index on a field?

I can deploy Tables, Application Rows, Dictionaries but have never done an index before.
I though I could add the OpenInsight Table '!table_name' to the repository.
Unlike a table, it doesn't show up in the Tables and Dictionary tabs in my deploy though.

Building and then installing the RDK in a test area doesnt add the Btree to that table.


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    When you deploy the updated dict field, which will have the btree checked and you then do an update indexes on the deployment site, the indexes with be automatically built. So you need to be careful to know the size of the table and if very large, deploy overnight and do an update index manually or programmatically PostUpdate.
  • @BarryStevens
    Worked as promised.
    I think I might need to brush up on my knowledge on the contents of table/index/dictionary files!
    I think I was under mistaken assumptions about some of their purpose and use.

    I will bear in mind your notes about large tables. Last place I worked used Oracle databases and the Sales table in that system took many hours to index so I get your point.
  • Another nugget to keep in mind is, if the index is the first/only index for that table, the create_index process will add the table to the dbt. If the table in question already has at least one index, then the new index gets created but no changes are made to the dbt.

    Of course, if all the db tables are already included in the dbt then this isn't an issue but if, like many, you programmatically attach the tables during the application start/login process then you might find you have issues the next time someone tries to login.
  • @AusMarkB
    Good note. We actually do both between our two systems!
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