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Application launcher hang.

We have a weird instance of the Application launcher hanging on startup (over a mapped network drive connection)
One workstation only in the group.

App Launcher version is
Launching Oinsght.exe directly works.

Commenting out all the App Launcher INI parameters works.
Re-instating one at a time led us to this being the culprit.

Now that splash image is used evrywhere and has been for a very long time. It works perfecdtly fine on the server itself.
With that line disabled the system starts.
With that line enabled the splash does show but thats where it then sits with no other activity.

I was origianlly thinking some Windows security blocker or A/V but that seems consistent accross their workstations.
I dont know what else it might be trying to do with the display since it does actually display.

I dont want to make a big deal of it as we have a workaround and it is only one instance but has anyone seen behavior like that before?


  • I can't recall this happening before. I'm pretty sure the launcher just calls a standard Windows library to load the image. I'm tempted to believe that one of these library calls is getting hung somewhere at a low level. I'll have to defer to Kevin or Jared to recommend suggestions on troubleshooting or perhaps Kevin has a better idea of what is likely going on.
  • Are these virtual machines or remote desktops? What OS is it running, and is it the same OS as the others? What is the value of SplashScreenDelay, EnableSplashScreen, and EnableBlending? Does anything change if you alter these settings in the INI file?
  • @KevinFournier.
    All reasonable questions.

    This one is a Windows 11 Workstation connecting to a Window Server 2019 TS.
    I can't speak for all their other workstations. I had posed a lot of questions and didnt get a lot of answers (or if I did there was questionably certainty) but I beleive they would be a mix of workstation OS's, not all Win 11. I am told, without being confident, that this is the only workstation with issue.
    (We were talking to the user, not their IT, and once we could provide a workaround we had to return access.)

    The settings we use havent changed in forever:

    We didn't change any of the settings. Just toggled them on and off one by one until it worked.
    I would like to say I could test this easily but it is going to require me convincing a user to give me back access for a bit.

    I probably wont waste anymore of your time. If I can replicate it elsewhere I will certainly pick this thread back up but until then I only have one known issue instance and sometimes users can be a little bit Chicken Little when it comes to giving up time to access. I could have swon Ragnarok was coming during the minimal downtime getting to the point that we did ;-)
  • No worries. These are just some ideas you can mess with. There's not much to displaying the splash screen, so I actually wonder if it's the splash screen itself or the delay-timer behind it. Sometimes remote sessions can break if they use a lower color depth. My guess is that this one machine has got an API that my launcher is calling and is struggling with.
  • Thanks @KevinFournier
    I will keep those in mind.
    If I have a chance in the future I will certainly try a few of those variations.
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