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OI10 Menu Issue

When running a form in OI10 that has both a menu and a SRP Panel control on it, the menu does not work. Clicking on the menu displays an empty SRPControls64 error instead of displaying the menu. The error message is displayed multiple times - once for each item in the menu. For example if the File menu had 5 items in it then the error message will be displayed 5 times.

The same things happens when using a SRP Tab control with the FlickerFree property set to true but I have been unable to isolate any particular property on the Panel that is causing this.

If the SRP Panel is removed from the form the menu works fine. Add it back in and the menu no longer works.


  • To confirm, you don't even have to load anything into the SRP Panel control and this problem happens? The secret ingredient is to just have the SRP Panel control on an OI form and a traditional menu and that results in this problem? What version of OI 10 and what version of SRP Controls?
  • Yes, that is correct. Just having the SRP Panel on the form with a traditional menu causes this problem even without loading anything into it.

    I am running 10.1 and SRP Controls
  • Can confirm that this happens to me too.
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