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Has anyone seen this Replace error?

Bring up the "Replace" window, enter search and replacement strings, then
select "Find Next" to locate the search string, then
select "Replace" to replace the string, then
select "Replace All" to replace the remaining occurrences of the string.

The search string is deleted from each line, but the replacement string is placed at the start of the line instead of at the point where the search string was deleted.

This also happens with a "Find Next"/"Replace All" combination but not with a "Replace"/"Replace All" combination (no initial "Find Next").

After either of these two variants, selecting "Replace All" directly in the same session (no "Find Next" or "Find Next"/"Replace" initially) also gives this replacement error.

Only by selecting "Replace All" directly in the first search-and-replace for the session, or by selecting "Replace" repeatedly, will all the strings be replaced correctly.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am using SRP Editor version (build 2/17/2022 11:13AM).


  • Thanks for these clear steps to recreate. I've confirmed it is a problem and will add it my todo list.
  • Thanks for that, as you get to it. It's a habit of mine, replacing a few individually to check that I'm catching what I want before the global replace. I guess not many others work their find-and-replace that way.
  • It actually seems to happen even if you just do a Replace All from the start, so something broke at some point and got overlooked.
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