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Licence expiry

Probably simple but how do I tell when the SRP licence expires?
The editor About screen tells me that things are Licenced but as far as I can tell, not when they're licensed to?
Is there a simple way to do that?


  • Sadly, this information is not easily accessible. I'll have to update the SRP ActiveX Info tool to display this information. It is possible to query this information programmatically via COM, but it's not currently documented. In the meantime, I can look up the information we have on file and let you know via email.
  • No worries.
    I installed the latest Editor on a different machine and I'm getting the licence expired message when I try to start it.
    That's what prompted the question.
    UTF8 is not checked.
  • Ah, this is specifically for the SRP Editor itself. What is the name of your license file?
  • According to my records, your license is good through the end of 2022. Are there other SRPLIC files in the OI folder?
  • For anyone watching at home, the licence file was not the most recent, so the "out of date" editor message was on point.
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