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Long tree items cause issues with drag/drop

If you have long item text in items in the tree, the drag does not always operate.
In my form I have a tree on the left and a tree on the right, with a splitter.
The left tree items truncate, and in this case clicking the block of items fails to grab them.
Clicking on the image works fine, as does it if the items are not truncated.


  • That was a bug. Try 4.0 RC15 and see if that is better.
  • Kevin

    This fails, with an OI crash as soon as you move the mouse over a tree item.
    The item has a white box over the text, then crash.
    Have reinstated previous version.

  • Really? Hmmm. I haven't seen this, and I've been using this build all day in an application that uses the Tree extensively. Perhaps it's linked to your specific theme and layout. I'll try to experiment to find the cause, but any ideas you can offer will speed things up.
  • Hold up. Got it to crash. I'll get you a fix shortly.
  • You have lines enabled and I don't. That was where the crash was. The crash had nothing to do with the changes I made for you today, which threw me off. They were changes I made a while back for another feature, but your setup exposed a flaw. 4.0 RC16 should be good to go.
  • Kevin

    Seems good so far, thanks.
    FYI it also resolved another bug I was about to raise whereby shift-clicking to select, and control-click did not work first time for items which did not fit.

  • That makes sense. The issue had to do with the fact that mouse messages need to be copied from the tooltip to the control. There was a bug interfering with that process for all mouse messages.
  • Hi Kevin,

    Just confirming that we were getting the same tooltip problem, with RC8. This seems ok with RC16 - although now our SRP EditTable button images don't show.

    Eg, this should be showing a blue down-arrow button
    Cheers, M@
  • Good catch, Matt. Fixed in RC17.
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