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Hopefully a quick one for the brains trust....

OI uses the SMB protocol for accessing shared files etc over a network.
Does anyone know what version/s of SMB it actually supports? (since MS has already ripped SMB 1.0 out of newer releases of Windows)

I had a quick look (read: 5-10 minutes) but couldnt see that level of information.


  • Opto_Will, back in the early Windows Server 2008 days when SMB 2.0 was released an issue was uncovered with the timing of SMB and operations of the LinearHash service where FS133 errors could occur when copying tables. The scope of this was very specific and hasn't been an issue with a recent version of OpenInsight and the Universal Driver 5. Even with the Universal Driver 4 it was very rare to run into this issue so you should be fine running at the default SMB level of your environment. If you are running into an issue like rolling back to SMB 1 is becoming more and more difficult (if not impossible) to do so another workaround would be required.
  • This could very well be me misremembering, but aren't there also printing problems related to different SMB versions?
  • @JaredBratu

    I wasn't needing to rollback to a older SMB version, I was just querying what version OI was using as a default.
    I didn't know if there was a specific version need or just whatever the Server/Client was able to handshake on...
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