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edited October 2022 in General
I havent created an OI9 upgrade using the NSIS setup you created for quite a while now. When I have just come to create one I am getting the following erros.
Can you advise as to what the cause/fix might be?


  • Debugging NSIS is not easy. Those macros are defined in MUI2.nsh, which is in the NSIS folder in Program Files (x86). For that first error, if you go to line 12 of the MUI_INSERT macro, that's where your error is happening. Looks like the UI is completely failing to initialize for some reason. Maybe it can't find all the headers? Maybe reinstall NSIS?
  • Dont know where the macros are and I am sure that is no help to me.
    Reinstalled both nsis and the editor to no avail.

    Thanks anyway.
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