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I have copied all the iinet floder from a working client server and I am trying to setup on my PC to run in OI9

Ihave added 'cmg' virtual directory which points to a folder with all the related html and ccs etc.
I have created a registry entry for cmg - in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Revsoft\OECGI3\cmg

in browser i do 'localhost/cmg' - it runs the default html which is a logon page, I enter the logon info and press the logon button and get this response:

No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost/cmg/oecgi3.exe/inet_cmg_login

the code in the webpage is:
form name="loginForm" method="post" action="/cmg/oecgi3.exe/inet_cmg_login" class="form-horizontal"

as you can see from the registry I would expect it to be call the oi routine WWA_WTK_CGI_REQUEST which would then run the OI routine inet_cmg_login

Where do you think I might be missing a link/setup?


  • This seems like an IIS configuration problem to me.
  • put a copy of oecgi3.exe in /cmg and it now works ( even though the 'Handler mappings' all show oecgi3.exe)
  • I think they might be superfluos...

    We don't even setup handler mappings any more, just make sure CGI-exe is enabled. I know it is in the OI documentation but it was pointed out to me by a wise master a couple of years ago that OECGI3/4 Handler Mappings were not needed so we have never used them since....

  • IIS can be very specific, the handler mappings can be applied per website and also per directory. Depending on your IIS setup the website handler mappings might have been different than the CMG directory.

    As opto_will indicated, some of the OI documentation indicates oecgi should be setup as the script handler for any requests that come into the web server matching a specific URL. Other documentation says to enable the CGI-exe module for *.exe files and allow oecgi's EXE to execute. I normally use the CGI-exe module approach but have dealt with systems that have both configured and IIRC the script handler takes priority over the CGI-exe module which might explain the symptom you've experienced.
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