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I am going to try and cheat here without asking the full question with all the background and examples.

Very basically, a DBLCLICK event on a EditTable column opens a dialog box that read ROWDATA, allow adding more data (which is then mapped back to other data bound fields in the row) and then set rowdata back when accepting 'OK' on said dialog box. The user is then closing the form, which is losing changes.

Is there a reason that setting 'ROWDATA' property in a databound OI Edit Table doesn't 'dirty' there record such that it will then prompt to Save changes?


  • This is because the only properties that will affect the SAVEWARN property are DEFPROP and INVALUE. Note, you can set DEFPROP to work like ROWDATA so I think this is an easy update.
  • @DonBakke,

    Spot on. About the easiest change I have ever made and way better than the rabbit hole I was about to go down!

    You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman!

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