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Copying a Table Error

Currently trying to copy an entire table and its records over to another table on a different system and got the error message in the picture above. Any suggestions?


  • Is this going to another server that is being managed by its own Universal Driver?

  • Yes, both servers have the same universal drivers. Although we are accessing them both through the same StationID, both databases are stored on different systems. For instance, If I log on to V-TS2 with my Windows user (diasdev) then my mapped drives are pointing to the OI database located in system S-DEV01 in the first image. If I log on to V-TS2 with my other user (diastest) then my mapped drives will be pointing to S-TEST01 in the second image. Just trying to copy a table from s-dev01 to s-test01 and got that error.
  • I should have been more specific. I'm not referring to the Universal Driver client, which is what those screenshots show. I'm referring to the actual Universal Driver service, which is installed and running on the servers:

    I think that error message is telling you that you are attempting to copy a table from one server managed by its Universal Driver service onto another server which is managed by a different Universal Driver service, yet both services have the same serial number.
  • I don't have access to log on to S-TEST01 and S-DEV01 directly through RDC to check this but I called our IT team and they confirmed that the "Linear Hash" service is running on both, however that was the ~only~ "Linear Hash" service running on both, there wasn't any other under the name "Linear Hash v.X.X"
  • Okay, that just means they are both running v4.x or earlier. I'm betting they are using the same serial number. That is, the same Linear Hash service was installed on both servers. Revelation's licensing policy will allow this if one is a development and the other is a production server and there is no communication between the two. When you attempt to perform an operation like COPY_TABLE the services will coordinate and expect to be different serial numbers. You will likely need to copy the table using other methods, like manually copying the OS files.
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