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TCL Command line in SRP Editor

Does SRP's Editor not recognize the legacy TCL verb "COUNT", as it appears I cannot use "COUNT" @TCL in SRP editor ; I CAN use "COUNT" @TCL in RTI's System editor, I can use COUNT @TCL in U2 and D3. Any reason I cannot use "COUNT" as a verb in SRP's editor @TCL line? TIA. OI v9.4.6/Win10/SRP Editor v3.3.9.0.


  • SRP Editor's command line was never meant to be an complete replacement of the OI TCL. Even the LIST command is very rudimentary. The point was to provide a handful of commands we found commonly used.

    You can, however, create your own commands. You can use the TCL EDIT COUNT command to create a stored procedure template such that you can implement the COUNT command and any others for that matter. The template has four gosubs that you need to fill out. The template has gobs of comments explaining what each gosub is for and what to do with them.

    You can also get help here.
  • @Kevin - I'm interested in what you posted about the TCL customization, but when I type TCL EDIT COUNT in the SRP Editor TCL command line, it shows an error "TCL EDIT not supported in runtime mode". Also you are missing a link to further documentation on your post.
  • Lol. Wow. This goes to show how ooooold this tech is. This stuff was written in '05, and at that time, there was a concentrated effort to make sure users couldn't do developer stuff in a runtime engine. So, it's basically failing for you because your license has a W in front of it. Of course, that doesn't mean anything anymore, but the code is there.

    It was never documented because the feature was nice but never something I was super happy with. I started an SRP_TCL project some years later to have a really slick TCL platform, but... well... same ol' vaporware sob story.

    Here's a small patch that will fix your problem as well as give you the source code to the WINDOW command. That should give you some clearer understanding on how to fill in those gosubs. You can use TCL EDIT WINDOW to see the command or just open SRP_TCLCMD_WINDOW.
  • Great! - Thanks Kevin
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