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Accessing Insert records through the Repository Function

So I've been able to access the contents of stored procedures using the Repository("ACCESS", ) function , with being the value of => (@APPID<;1> :"*STPROC**":procedureName). My issue is that I'm not aware of the location of where insert records get stored. I think that "STPROC" may not be the case in that instance. Any idea of what the right name should be? (Also if there's an easier way of grabbing the contents of procedures using XLATES instead of the Repository function please let me know)



  • The type you want is STPROCINS. If you look in the SYSREPOSTYPES table, you'll see a list of all the types.
  • Excellent, thank you!
  • edited December 2022
    The system table where source code and inserts are stored is SYSPROCS. As Kevin showed you, inserts have their own entity type so that is why the Repository function wasn't working.
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