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Keep getting SRP licene message?

I keep getting this message when I open OI 9. I think it started happening when I installed the 64 bit version of your controls for oi 10.

Is there something simple I can do to fix this?


  • @josh - Email me at support@srpcs.com about this.
  • @donbakke

    nvm, i got it to work by unregistering the oi 10 dll and re-registering the one associated with oi 9.
  • @josh - I'm glad this is now working for you but I am confused. What DLL are you referring to?
  • srpcontrols.ocx.

    To setup oi 10, I ran this program


    After running that program, i started getting those error messages in oi 9.

    To fix, i unregistered the srpcontrols.ocx dll that SRP_Controls_Install_4.1.20.exe must have registered.
  • Thank you for sharing this with me. I'm still puzzled by this. The 32-bit and 64-bit OCX are separate files and named differently so they can both co-exist. One does not affect the licensing of the other. In fact, your are licensed for both 32-bit and 64-bit controls under the same license. The error message you originally posted suggested that you were using an older licence file. This is why I wanted you to email me directly. I wanted to confirm this and then email you back the correct file.

    BTW, I'm not suggesting you did anything wrong. I'm simply thinking out loud why this doesn't make sense based the information in hand.
  • OK, do you still want me to email you?
  • I'll leave that in your court. If you do I'll look into it. If you are content to just want and see then we can revisit later.
  • ok, everything is working, so i think we'll just leave everything as is.

    This might come up again when we start rolling out oi 10 to our users though.
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