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Does anyone have any experience with hooking up Power BI to OI?

I have a long term existing client that wants to use Power BI to generate some mangement style reports and they are proposing all sorts of weird and wonderful things (Database replication to Cloud SQL databases was my fave!)

Basically, I am looking conceptually for:
1) Is Possible (I assume it is somehow)
2) Simplest way to do so (i.e, ODBC, API)

I have never used PowerBi so dont know much about how it works/its requirements for data access at this stage.
The way the client was discussing it seemed that BI required a 'local' SQL data store.
I am just simply looking to shortcut some research via experience :)


  • The only implementation that I've experienced was connecting it to a SQL database and thus OI data was pushed to SQL. Our Replication management tool coupled with our SQL data mapping utility has been used in several sites to provide near real-time syncing.
  • @DonBakke,

    What are these magical tools you speak of? I saw no such product reference on the Website. Closest I got was Sync Server which didnt seem appropriate for this....

    Have you been holding out on me?
  • @Opto_Will,

    I guess you could say I've been holding out. While these are commercial products, we don't broadly advertise them for a few reasons. Primarily it is because these products always require a bit of tweaking to fit the target environment and use cases. I generally only mention them when I think there could be a use for them...like now! ;-)

    If you have a strong interest in learning more please email me offline and I'll exchange information with you.
  • @DonBakke.

    Much appreciated. Will Do.
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