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Debug not working - OI9

Has anyone come across a situation where code is run from the OI or SRP editor with a debug in it and when the debug is excuted you just hear a ding sound.

Debug was 'working' at one stage in this OI copy.

Other OIapp copies work.


  • Seems like the Debugger got disabled.
  • Tried clicking 'Debugger' on the OpenEngine dialog and got this message.

    Copied revdebug.dll from a working oi9 and still get that message
  • Is the OENGINE.dll the correct version for the rest of the system?
  • I get what you mean, maybe not as had to do a bit of a fiddle to test a client issue and forgot to change it back.
    Thanks, I will look into it.
  • Yep, that was the isssue.
    Never hear of that before, but, then again never played with testing oengines
  • @BarryStevens,

    Don beat me too it.
    I have seen this many times on site where OI was upgraded (to say 9.4.4) but the original OEngine licence file (say 9.2.1) has just been reauthed for new expiry/users so was still the old 372KB version.

    Took me a long time back in the day to track this down (in my pre-forum days)

    I contacted Revelation back then to try and get the correct licence for that system but the answer was/is to pretty much upgrade them to the latest 9.4.6 with a 9.4.6 licence file downloadedable from Rev.

    I agree with that principle. In reality, upgrading 24/7 uptime sites with 60+ users accessing from the network (hence requireing indiviual Client re-einstalls) is is little more tricky than that....

    As an aside, I always thought that was the only symptom of the version mismatch but I also had a different system that had an expiring mismatched licence file and the client was getting all sorts of issues I couldnt explain. As the licence check is now on my 'checklist' I picked it up pretty quickly and the correct licence file made their issues go away. I wish I could remember the symptoms but I recall they were all 'user-side' and not 'dev-side' (like the debugger not opening).

    The OEngine.dll version is important to match the OInsight version.

  • The OEngine.dll version is important to match the OInsight version.

    Yes, except that Oengine.dll would always report 9.4 for all 9.4.x versions of OpenInsight until 9.4.6.
  • @DonBakke.
    That is correct. I should have noted that with all my ramblings about version matching!

    My quick eyeball test for a OI 9.x licence file is based on size.
    480KB is a 9.4.6
    412KB is a 9.4.0 and above (excluding 9.4.6)
    372KB is pre 9.4 (This is definately a red flag!)
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