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Eserver.cfg file rewritten

I have an odd one and I just want to start with if anyone else has noticed similar behavior.

I have a nicely laid out and formatted eserver.cfg file where values are logically ordered together with some comments
#Engine parameters //Number of Simultaneous connections to engine.0 = Unlimited. MaxConnections=0 //Number of engines allowed to start up. Default 10. 0 = Unlimited. MaxEngines=3 //Max time in minutes allowed active in memory. Default 0. 0 = Unlimited. MaxUpTime=0 //Max time in minutes allowed run a request before 'hung' and terminated. Default 0. 0 = Unlimited. MaxRunTime=5 //Time in minutes can be idle. Default 15. IdleTimeout=3 //Time in seconds between checks for idle and Uptime/Runtime. Default 60. IdleCheck=60 //Maximum number of Engines to close at one time (till next check). Designed to stagger on/off. Default 0. 0 = Unlimited. MaxNumToClose=0 //Keep alive as zombie processes (possibly reattached). Only for Telnet sessions. 0 will terminate. Default 0. KeepAlive=0

In 'the old days' this always stayed fine. I have noticed recentlyish when I have gone to tweak a parameter onsite that the eserver.cfg file has been rewritten into, what appears to be, an alphabetised list.

I have done some quick testing with removing ALL the comment lines and blank spaces but this rewrite still happens when I restart the OEngine service.

I dont know why that has started happening. All I recall is it did not use to....

Has anyone else been getting this as well?


  • That's a negative for me. Although, I can't say that I've taken as much care to rearrange the eserver.cfg file. I have done so with oinsight.ini only to find that it gets updated frequently by OI. I'm a bit surprised that eserver.cfg gets updated by other processes. I wonder what could be doing that.
  • All I have to do is restart the service and the file is toast.
    Like I said, I removed all blank lines and comment lines (since, if you recall, the inline comments I originally had use caused grief back in the day). It still reorders alphabetically, discarding any custom line ordering.

    I change too many things these days to identify a new feature that might be the cuplrit. When I install our WebApp and setup the OEngines I also take the opotunity to update everything else , OI 9.4.6 and associated licence file (which gives a new OESocketServer file on some of the older sites as well), all the latest SRP offerings (bar Frameworks), new x32 JRE, I even use a x64 OECGI these days (since I worked out there is no reason why I couldnt since it is on the Web Server side and not the x32 OI data side - thats relatively new though and postdates my observation of this issue)....
  • I like my structure because my staff have those comments handy of what each setting does and they are grouped in a logical order making it easy to find settings.

    This is, however, purely cosmetic.
    I would care less but I know it never used to and the inquisitive side of me wants to understand why :(
  • Might be a good reason to create a tool that build this for you. Keep a template on-hand in the SYSENV table and your tool would read the labels and values and allow you to make changes for specific sites. It could even save those back to the SYSENV table with a special key to identify the site. The SRP EditTable would be a good control to load the data into.
  • Templating!
    I see what you did there @DonBakke.

    I like where your head is at......
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