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Can the SRP_RUN_COMMAND be invoked without showing, even briefly, the lovely black DOS box? My impression was that this was possible, but so far I have failed to make it work this way.

From a bound OI form, we are using a function key to display HTML output which is generated within OI; one of the last lines in the stored procedure used to create the HTML output is a call to srp_run_command. Leaving Output empty shows the HTML output but only after a brief appearance of the black box and the same is true when using DOS as the Output.

Is this the way it has to be, or are we missing something?

Many thanks.


  • The syntax is a bit confusing, but if you create a variable (e.g., Output) and assign it the value of "VAR" and then use this in the Output argument, you won't see the DOS box.
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