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Images and Captions

Is it possible to have both an Image and a Caption on a picture control or does it have to be one or the other? Example below.

Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_PIC_LOAD_SCREEN", "OLE.Image", imagePath)
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_PIC_LOAD_SCREEN", "OLE.Caption", "Test Message")


  • Just one at a time. The idea was never to make this a rich content control. It started out as just images, but captions were later added so we could show text when the image was "empty." What is it you are hoping to achieve? Maybe there's a way to get there with a combination of things.
  • I see. Basically I wanted a load screen to popup when background processes might be running using the SRP Picture Control. Within that control, I was looking to have the company logo to always be displayed along with a caption that would get set depending on what's running. I suppose I could use the Picture control to show the image and the status bar control to display the caption.
  • Yes, I do this exact thing with the SRP Editor loading screen. I use a Picture control to show the logo and a STATIC label beneath it to show progress.
  • Or just a statusbar to display image and caption if you'd like the image to be to the left or right of the caption?
  • I forgot we can set pane images to the status bar control. I ended up using a picture control and a status bar below it and it looks exactly how I wanted it after disabling the status bar border. Thank you guys!
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