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Word wrapping

Is it possible to have the contents of a cell wrap?
Multiline works good but sometimes users will type a singular line that is longer than the width of the cell and they would like it to wrap rather than having to hit enter mid sentence.

I don't see it as an option anywhere but I may be looking for the wrong thing.


  • Multilined cells auto wrap by default... if there is enough space. When there isn't enough space, an ellipsis appears on the last visible line. If you have thin rows, then it will look there is no word wrapping until you enter into edit mode, at which point the edit box that appears will autosize to fit all the text, with word wrapping.
  • so they do. :)

    I'm programatically adjusting the row height based on the number of multiline delimiters so the user can always see the entire contents of the cell. Of course, if there's wrapping, then my rowheight will be wrong anyway and I was obviously misinterpreting the ellipsis.

    What I should probably be doing is utilising srp_string get_height to have a better crack at an appropriate row height.
    unless I've misinterpreted the intent of that?
  • Nope, that is the intent. You give that service the width of the cell minus padding (see CellPadding) and it will determine the height needed to fit all the word wrapped text.
  • Thanks Kev.
    Works a treat.
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