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OI Debugger

Very quick question that I am not sure why I havent checked on before.

Any way to see insert values from within the Debugger? I am leaning hard to No but would love to be proven wrong!


  • How do you mean "insert values"? Are you referring to a system delimited array?
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    I assume he might mean $insert and hence probably equates (equ) , so the answer is no for equates, variables / common should be ok
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    Sorry for not being clear @DonBakke.
    @BarryStevens was right. I meant the values of the EQU in the $Insert.

    We often use $Inserts entries for as positional pointers (EditTables, delimited formulas, etc.)

    Great for what a value is representing in code.
    Part_Array<CurrRow,SOH_QTY$> makes more sense that Part_Array<CurrRow,33> plus it ensures you have referenced the right column in a longer list.

    Great for ease of reording positions in an working array (or inserting new entries) as you can just resequence the positions in the $Insert once before running again and everything just works as expected.

    Not so great for going back to the source array/list in the debugger to find the actual value. Part_Array<CurrRow,SOH_QTY$> doesnt give me a lot to go on without having the insert available for reference as there are probably many columns that look similar to a Qty so I cant even best-guess it.

    No biggie. It was a long shot I know. I know many of the various ways I could get what I need so I am not stressed.
  • For what it's worth, I agree that this is an egregious oversight. In all other modern languages, debuggers will show you the value of constants.
  • Thanks Kevin. Its nice to not be a party of one!
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