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SRP SendMail

We are having issues with emails being blocked with a file attachment mime type of html.
The emails that are being blocked have .csv files attached and a body type of text.

We are trying to block HTML attachments for spam/malicious file prevention.

Can you confirm that SRPSendMail is sending a mime type of html or not?

Thank you


  • SRP Mail is using .NET's System.Net.Mail to send emails, and we only set the IsBodyHtml to true if "HTML" is passed to SRP_Send_Mail. Nor does SRP Mail attach any file attachments beyond what is passed to it. Unless .NET is adding the html mime type in some obscure way, there is no code on my end intentionally doing so.

    That being said, .NET's mail API is a black box. I haven't used Wireshark or anything to examine the raw SMTP traffic, but I am doubtful that .NET is doing anything like this since blocking .htm and .html attachments is an increasingly common practice.
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