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improper argument error

Occurs when I move the mouse over certain entities, ie when it crosses into or out of an entity, specifically the last few in the list.

happens when the mouse scrolls over one of these highlighted lines

I haven't qualified any events yet so it's not something I'm doing in response to something


  • @AusMarkB OI 9 or OI 10?
  • @AusMarkB I also should have asked...what version of SRP Controls?
  • :)
  • Hey Kev,

    Thanks. has fixed this issue. Woohoo!

    Unfortunately, it led me to stumble over a different one. This new one was introduced somewhere between and this one In other words, it wasn't explicitly. I know this because in conversation with @BarryStevens, he mentioned the symptoms occurring after installing one of the other versions from a link in the other recent thread.
    I hadn't looked into it yet because I hadn't stumbled over it and then forgot about it.

    The odd thing is, this issue is triggered by the OI msg but only presents with the recent srpcontrol in place.
    Here's the general symptom:
    • Create the window
    • Display an OI message whilst initialising/loading
    • Close the OI message when done
    • Window is non responsive
    I was hunting down all the things we were doing with both the schedule and calendar controls and they turned out to be irrelevant. Take the OI message out of the equation and everything works.
    So basically, the OI message is modal, making @Window disabled but once you close the OI message, @Window remains disabled.

    On the window I'm testing with, we have the following
    • SRP Calendar control
    • SRP Schedule control
    • and some SRP Buttons
    Nothing too clever about the OI message
    JobCount = @Reccount RecsDone = 0 Def = "" Def<MCAPTION$> = 'Processing...' Def<MTEXT$> = 'Processing ':JobCount:' Job Records|Please Wait' Def<MTYPE$> = "GC" Def<MICON$> = '' Def<MJUST$> = 'C' Def<MEXTENT$> = JobCount MsgUp = Msg(@window, Def) // Do some stuff Void = Msg('',MsgUp)
    Good thing for me is, I much prefer using the statusbar over the OI message so this instance is an easy fix but I haven't looked to see if it gets me in any trouble anywhere else yet.
  • Once again, I'm not seeing this in a clean OI environment. How do you guys find these issues? :) Maybe it's time I have a copy of your system I can use to test these things.
  • Excellent! A new release....

  • Sorry, Mark. I got in this morning and cannot see this email. Was it sent to me or to SRP? Was it an email from you or a share link?
  • Nevermind, we found it.
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