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Reflecting the user ID in a locked appointment

I have been attempting to address a user request that when an existing appointment is locked on the schedule (for some review or change), the username of the user holding the lock be shown. My review of what's presently happening led me to the OLECallMethod statement that is passed to the Sync Server when an appointment is locked.

The statement in the present code that passes the lock to the Sync Server looks like:

ans = OleCallMethod(ServerSendObj$, "LockAppt", UserID$, Server$, Port$, ApptID)

I know that when an appointment is created and this statement is used, the username shows up beside the lock icon. Should I expect that if this statement is used when an existing appointment is double clicked (which sends a lock message to the Sync Server using the statement above and then opens up the appointment entry form), the username would again be reflected in the appointment beside the lock icon? It does not appear that this is happening. If the locked appointment should be reflecting the username beside the lock icon, could you hazard a theory as to what my problem might be?


  • Are you asking for this feature to be added, because I'm pretty sure we've never shown the user locking an appointment.
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