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SRP Editor Options opens the OI debugger window

When I "OK" or "Apply" settings in the SRP Editor Options, the OI debugger window opens for SRP_EDITOR_OPTION_DLG_EVENTS. ("Cancel" does not open the debugger.) I am using SRP Editor version

I don't know if this is relevant, but SYSOBJ*$SRP_EDITOR_OPTION_DLG_EVENTS has the date-time "20207.474849537" (04/28/2023 11:23:47AM) on the last line.

I checked with a colleague -- same result. Does anyone else see the debugger window when saving editor options? If no, perhaps the problem is with my recent install. If so, was a "debug" statement left behind in the latest .ocx version? When I press F5 in the debugger window, the Options window closes and my changes are applied. So I don't think there are errors. The debugger pops up even without any changes made to the options.


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