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Registration of controls

When a controls update is released and we install on on our dev pc, can you just copy the .ocx to the client's OI , or does the install ALWAYS have to be run.

If so, if you havea routine in OI that copies the OCXs to a folder on the users C:\ drive, how do we know when they have to re-register the controls (run as admin) - I am assuming not all the time?

One that same note, what about SRPUTILITIES.DLL, can that be also copied and registered.?


  • As per our Installation and Upgrading page:
    We update our controls on a frequent basis to ensure you always have the most complete and robust controls available. To update your controls, simply replace SRPControls.ocx with the new file and register it. In many cases, failing to re-register the new OCX may not cause you any harm. But if the new OCX has new properties, methods, or events, you may find that those new elements are inaccessible. To be safe, always register a new OCX. You do not need to unregister the old OCX before registering the new one.

    Personally I always re-register because I don't always know if there is something new added that might otherwise get missed.

    None of this applies to SRPUtilities.dll because it isn't a registered component. However, you always want to make sure SRPUtilities.dll matches the RDK that ships with it.
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