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Functionality Suggestion

Thinking only, as a suggestion.
It would be nice to have a set of properties, eg Controls to the Left, Right, Above and Below of any splitter.
Then you (SRP) could use these to auto size the defined controls based on the splitter move.

This could then save us from writing the code for each splitter.
Easy for me to say, that's for sure.
As I say, just a suggestion.



  • Well, we purposely choose not to do that because of the problems that exist with the native OI control. We didn't want those headaches!
  • It's definitely the dream, but as Don points out, it's a bigger undertaking that one would think. Not only in terms of getting the calculations correct, but even in terms of finding ways to get around the fact that OI caches control sizes and resets them at will. Maybe OIX will change the game, though.
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