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ole status bar position

While we are on the subject of 'minor' issues. 😜
In OI9 the form with an ole status bar sizes below the top of the taskbar or monitor if taskbar is 'auto hide'

In oi10 this aligns perfectly.


  • I'm not seeing this behavior. Regardless of the taskbar settings, the status bar seems to line up perfectly in both OI 9 and OI 10. There must be another variable contributing to this.
  • edited December 2023
    this is the version info from development app (with same code) that does not have this issue, so, something has changed in the upgrades to affect how the status bar is being setup however it is done.

  • I have an issue where the statusbar of the Frame disappears behind the taskbar with the newest controls.

    I have used the new OLE.LayoutChildControl (maybe incorrectly) but was able to alleviate that issue by resetting the Theme (no idea why that worked):
    CurrTheme = Get_Property(@Window:".OLE_RIBBON", "OLE.Theme")
    Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_RIBBON", "OLE.Theme", CurrTheme)

    Dont know if that is related or if if that information is helpful/unhelpful....
  • Awesome, thanks, will check it out
  • I should note that was OI9. (OLE.LayoutChildControl isn't needed for OI10, as per Kevin's last Blog post)
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