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Request and Result

Is there a way to send a message via the DirectConnect control to receive a result from a function call to the engines?

Don mentioned that there were some "work in progress" features that enabled it to connect to the DirectConnect control and could then function this way, some more info on that would be great please!



  • Sorry for the belated response. If you have the latest SRP Engine Server (1.3) and the latest beta build of the controls (which you can grab here), you should be able to do this via the SRP DirectConnect Control.

    I've updated the control documentation to include new properties, methods, and events.

    First, you make a connection like this:

    Ctrl = @Window:".OLE_DIRECTCONNECT" Set_Property(Ctrl, "OLE.EngineServer", "":@FM:"7777":@FM:0)

    Then, you send a request. For example:

    Request = 'run calculate_fibonacci "10"' Send_Message(Ctrl, "OLE.SendEngineRequest", Request)

    Finally, you capture one of three events: OnEngineResponse, OnEngineError, or OnEngineStatus. The first of these is the most important as it will contain the final response from the engine, but the other two shouldn't be neglected in case the routine you are calling provides status information or encounters some kind of error.
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