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AREV64 esc/p printing

Is anyone printing esc/p command to a printer on a usb port with a windows driver installed.
Did they 'apply' first go.
Any issues and how did you fix it.

I have my printer set to RAW in the DIRECTPRINT config

Any tips on getting this to work using e.g.

print @(WIDEON$)

The 'command' goes thru but is not 'applied'. The command is being sent as the characters are displayed when printed on a normal laser printer


  • We have discovered that DOS style printing from AREV (i.e., based on the Direct Print function instead of the OIPI) is a tricky affair. Something that we have discovered is that the Windows Print Driver needs to be Type 3 rather than Type 4. Run this from Command Prompt to confirm:

    printui /s /t2
  • Yes, showing as type 3, well for my little cheap test printer anyway (where I also have same issue as well as client's).
    I will have to check on client's system.

    If it was type 4, how do you change to type 3, sorry, never heard of this before.
  • You would have to find a driver (hopefully from the original manufacturer) that supports type 3.
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