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Sorting EditTable

What is the procedure for sorting an SRP EditTable. Unlike OI (ClickPos/SORTEDCOL), when using "OnHeaderClick" there is no indication of which edit table has been clicked as I have 2 SRP edit tables. Also, in OI there is an indicator on the column header which header has been sorted. What is the equivalent in the SRP edit table.
I am new to using the SRP EditTable so any suggestions would be grateful.



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    Hi Chris,

    The SRP EditTable does not have a built-in sort feature. So you will need to implement this yourself. Here are some tips on doing this:
    • Use the OnHeaderClick event as you have already indicated.
    • Remember, the name of your SRP EditTable is provided in the CtrlEntId argument of that event so that is how you can distinguish one SRP EditTable from another.
    • In this event get the ARRAY property. If you need to sort by a formatted column (like a date column), then first ICONV the column data. Then use the SRP_Array SortRows service to sort. OCONV the formatted column data if needed. Use the ARRAY property to put the data back into the SRP EditTable.
    • Use the HeaderArrow property as a way to determine the current sort as well as the way to identify the new sort.
  • Thanks for your advice.
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