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OWC11.ChartSpace ole

Is anyone using the ole OWC11.ChartSpace, it appears to now be not loading.
Is there a new version number or something?


  • Never heard of this until now. What version of OI?
  • Just saw this as the header of the proc.
    So, will follow all leads.

    Uses Microsoft Office Web Components
    see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?

    Usage: Create a window, add a bitmap, add a button which calls this function

    12-07-2006 rjc Based on http://www.asp101.com/articles/chris/aspcharts/default.asp
    Must install owc11.exe before this routine will work. This is found in c:\temp\microsoft\office OI chart interface directory
  • This looks like it has been pulled by m/soft and was only available up to office2007

    Do you know of any other charting ole that can be used in OI9 or maybe just OI10 function
  • We've used csXGraph.
  • Thanks heaps
  • May I ask you a few questions about the installation of csXGRAPH (Hoping you get the gist of what I am asking)

    Is the $70 dev licence a one-off or annual
    I assume you have a single dev licence on you PC

    When you distributed to a multiuser server based ‘runtime’ Client, did you find you needed a multi user dev licence or did you only need to register the ocx on the server.

    Have you tried this in OI10 using the new OLECONTROL and got it working
  • Tried in OI9, not working.
    I know I must be missing some step.
    Not sure also if and where OLE. prefixes are required.
    Cant find any good documentation on this for OLECONTROL interation.

    CtrlID = @Window:".CSXGRAPH_OLE"
    set_property(CtrlID,"Title","Pie Chart Example")
    send_message(CtrlID,'AddData','"Item 1", 17,': \0000FF\)
    send_message(CtrlID,'AddData','"Item 2", 28,': \00FF00\)
    send_message(CtrlID,'AddData','"Item 3", 5,': \FF0000\)


    This was the issue: Passas params not string
    exec_method(CtrlID,'AddData',"Item 1", 17, red$)
  • Hi Don.

    I still have this question:

    When you distributed to a multiuser server based ‘runtime’ Client, did you find you needed a multi user dev licence or did you only need to register the ocx on the server.
  • Barry,

    It's been awhile since I've had to re-register the graph controls for our clients that use it, but it is pretty much the same as the SRP Controls - there is the graph OCX file and the license file. At the time, there was one OCX file on the server and all the clients registered to that, however you could also have all the files local on the client. Fair disclosure - we are a number of versions behind the current version, so not sure if there has been any major changes in this regard.
  • OK, so I assume then it was able to class the users as 'Non Developer' and thus just have a single license.

    Was the licence a one-off cost or is it annual renewal?
  • All questions have now been answered.
    csXGraph now purchase. What a fairly easy to use tool and many functions for output manipulation this is.

    Ok, I had to ask ChatGPT for some help with the terminologies!!, but...
  • I'm glad you got this sorted out. I was monitoring the responses you were getting on the Revelation forum so it didn't seem like you need additional input over here.
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