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Power Usage Very High When Running OI 10


My CPU will be very slow (even opening a folder will take 4-5 seconds) when I execute a program in OI 10. When I checked from task manager, the power usage is very high.

I only run a btree search then get the id, Xlate function and looping. I never had this issue before in OI 9

Is anyone having the same issue?

Thank you



  • Albert - I cannot say that I've seen this myself. Is this the same machine that you've reported slow load times when you launch the application? I'm wondering if you are still fighting the same issue.

    That said, you might want to start testing with 10.2.2 Beta. They have made numerous changes, both with regard to UI performance and with regard to index performance. Perhaps one or both of these major updates will help you.
  • Hi Don,
    Yes, this is the machine that I've reported before.
    I will try to upgrade my OI to 10.2.2 Beta and I will update you if this get better or not

    Thank you

  • Hi Albert - I think you'll need to get this from me since it is currently only in pre-beta nd not available to the WORKS community. Let's discuss offline so I can get you what you need.
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