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MSG command

WE are creating a message with three buttons (BOption1,Option2,Otion3) of which the second option is a little wordy.
The question is if there is a way yo resize the button or all buttons so we can read every letter that is part of the text of the second option?


  • As far as a built-in solution goes, there is nothing that the Msg() function provides to do this. You might experiment to see if the button will grow taller if you make the text multilined.

    Otherwise, you would have to go through more heroic measures. You can, of course, change the original MSG form in SYSPROG (or copy it into your local app) and make the buttons bigger. But then they would be bigger for all messages.

    You can create programmatic hooks that will change the SIZE property of the button as needed.
  • This could be a solution for you if you can get it working.
    In 10.2.2 there is a param for stylesheets, for which I created a form with a large button, but, this does not appear to work in the way as I assumed it would.
    You may have to take this up with rev to get this working for you.

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