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MDIClient resizing issie

OI 10.2.2 beta2 rel 20623 (Beta 1 rel 20605 is OK)

Can anyone confirm that they are also having this in in Beta2:

Open form then close it and the MDIClint window resize to top of ribbon.

then close


  • Are you using the MDISize property to set the client's size during the CREATE event?
  • We've recreated this on our end. I'll keep you posted.
  • Great, Thanks.
    Not using the MDISize property.
  • Have changed to use the OLE.MDISIZE for OI10 as per your recommendation.
  • @KevinFournier maybe Rev accidently put something from 10.3 into 10.2.2 again (RevProfileLog)
  • I've got an inquiry in with Rev to see if this is something I have to work around or unintended behavior on their end.
  • FYI: Issue still in 10.2.2 RC
  • I have a fix that comes with caveats. You have to use MDISize to set the size of the MDICLIENT and you have to subclass the MDICLIENT using the SRP Subclass Control. Those combined should prevent the resizing and flickering.
  • >>subclass the MDICLIENT

    Can you give me a hint as to what the command line should look like.
  • CtrlId = @Window:".MDICLIENT" Handle = Get_Property(CtrlId, "HANDLE") Send_Message(@Window:".OLE_SUBCLASS", "OLE.Subclass", Handle, CtrlId)
  • edited July 12
    Should this go before or after the MDISize?
  • >>subclass the MDICLIENT

    That worked, I did not have to use the MDISize.
  • Glad it's working. You can get away without using MDISize if you don't ever set the MDICLIENT SIZE property after the frame is created.
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