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Drop hover

I have two trees and I am copying from one to the other.
When I am about to drop the item on the destination, the tree branches sometimes collapse automatically.
Is there setting to disable this, or is there a way to get it to avoid this.


  • I am having trouble recreating this. I can say that, by design, collapsed nodes will expand during a drag-n-drop if you hover over them. However, they never collapse. What is the Drop Behavior you are using? Any code you can provide will be helpful.
  • Code for control is:
    Qualifier=1:@FM:"2*ICEPAC*OLE*":ProjectTree Call Send_Message(ProjectTree,"QUALIFY_EVENT","ALL_OLES",Qualifier) Call Set_Property(ProjectTree,"OLE.Background","Vertical(Gradient(PeachPuff,White))") Call Set_Property(ProjectTree,"OLE.DefSort","A") Call Set_Property(ProjectTree,"OLE.DefExpanded",1) Call Set_Property(ProjectTree,"OLE.DropBehavior","I") Call Set_Property(ProjectTree,"OLE.AutoDrop",0)Plus a Drop Condition is set on the Drag from the other control.
  • I'm not sure why I wasn't able to recreate it, but I do see it now. After reviewing my code, it is by design. The next release of will include a new property called "AutoExpandDuringDrag". Setting to 0 will get the effect you desire. If you need a beta build of SRPControls.ocx, then shoot me an email and I'll get one to you.
  • Thanks for beta, setting this property works perfectly. :-)
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