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ShowBalloonTooltip method shows incorrect tooltip

Using ShowBalloonTooltip method sometimes shows incorrect tooltip than what we excepted.
Please find the attached images, 1.png shows the Config that I passed in to the method, while 2.png, the next step, shows a different text, which is a previous tooltip belongs to "a long time ago" term.

This issue happens since Version 2.0.5 (at least).

The similar incorrect ShowBalloonTooltip result also happened when we are using SRP edittable.

1.png 29.3K
2.png 20.3K


  • Ariel,

    What version of the control are you using now? I tried this with version 4 and this is working perfectly well for me. To quickly test this I just added the following code to the OnClick event:

    Item = Param1 ItemText = Get_Property(CtrlEntId, 'OLE.ItemText[' : Item : ']') Config = '' Config<1> = ItemText Config<2> = ItemText Config<3> = '' Config<4> = 1000 Send_Message(CtrlEntId, 'OLE.ShowBalloonTooltip', Item, Config)
  • Hi Don,

    I am using SRPControls_40017 now.

    The tooltip shows correct text every first time when the window is opened. Then it shows incorrect text after reconstruct the tree, for example, expand the terms.

    Please find the two attached images, the displayText that I passed in is 'longtime', and the title shows 'longtime' correctly but the text shows a tooltip belongs to another item which I tired in the beginning before I reconstruct the tree control.

    In addition, I tried to use a popup message to show displayText instead, and I can see the correct message all the time.

  • FYI, due to a large number of terms might occur in this tree control, we designed to show the root terms at the beginning to reduce the processing time, clicking the plus sign to expand a term will recalculate the term to show its child terms.
  • Ariel,

    Your use of the word "terms" is confusing. Do you mean "items"?

    I'm going to ask you a favor. If this is easy enough to reproduce for you, please create a simple SYSPROG RDK of a form and logic that we can use. I fear trying to follow your screen shots and create code and behavior that repeats the problem will not be productive. The easiest way for us to fix an actual problem is for you to provide an RDK that demonstrates the problem. Just email it to support@srpcs.com.

    P.S. There is a new version of the control out: v4.0. The RC 17 you have is a slightly older, but I doubt there is any behavioral changes between the two.
  • Hi Don,

    Yes, I mean 'items'.

    After I created a SYSPROG RDK to repeat the problem, I downloaded the latest version of SRP control and tried again, I found the problem has been solved in tree control. I should try the latest version first!

    Anyway, thanks very much for your help.

  • Ariel,

    I am very happy that this worked out well with the official control.

    By the way, previously you had mentioned the Popup working every time. I assume by that you meant the SRP Popup control. This would make sense because the SRP Popup control is obviously a separate control and just takes whatever information you pass it. The BalloonTooltip feature has had caching issues in the past, similar to what you have described. That's why I considered your issue to have validity.

    FWIW, we do recommend incorporating the SRP Popup control in lieu of the BalloonTooltip feature because it offers more flexibility.
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