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Excess Real Estate

Is there any way to reduce the amount of blank real estate at the bottom of a window after adding the ribbon?

In the picture below, the window normally has a statusbar across the bottom and bottom anchored as you can see in the first shot. After adding the ribbon, the space between the statusbar and the bottom of the window at runtime gets bigger and bigger.

In this example I'm setting the ribbon theme to Office2010Blue though I don't know whether that has anything to do with it or not.


  • Some clarification questions:

    What version of OI?

    Does this only happens in the Form Designer, at Runtime, or both?
  • OI9.4


    Form Designer appears ok.
  • Sorry Kevin.
    Threw you a furfy.

    I didn't have it in front of me when I answered your clarification questions.
    Turns out, it does occur in the form designer as well, so if I modify it there then at runtime I only have the second scenario, ie only the small increase in real estate.

    That I can live with. :-)
  • No worries. I actually spent today working on this and think I have it all corrected. There's a lot of code that tries to undo what OI does automatically when the form's caption and border metrics are altered. I'll let you know when a new beta build is ready. Probably tomorrow.
  • Can I also have a new beta link, as this has been an issue for my screens also.


  • Colin,

    I emailed you a link.
  • I have installed the 3.2 RC3 but still get about 1/2" of blank space at the bottom of the screen at runtime, and also on one screen at design time.

    I have tried altering the screen slightly and saving, but no effect.
    Any ideas?
  • The latest build is 3.2 RC6. Try downloading and registering it again.
  • Thanks, installed RC7 and problem fixed.
    The screen does display controls while they populate and resize which looks a bit funny, but this is likely to be my code and I will check.
  • Am using 3.2 RC12 and it appears that this re-occurs if you minimise the window and then restore it.
    So the initial load paints correctly, minimise, restore excess real estate at the bottom.

    Was going to say it wasn't a real issue but then I decided to minimise and restore multiple times. With each restore, the space at the bottom increases.
    Maybe not a common practice to minimise repeatedly but you only need do it twice for the result to be obvious as it decreases the use-able space by about 20 pixels each time.
    Two screenshots below. First the window upon create. Second after approximately 10-15 minimises.

    minimise, restore, minimise, restore, minimise, resto..... You get the picture :-)

  • I understand there may have been some distractions; heard something about some conference thingy and some rabbit with excess eggs (I'll assume they're stolen) so I thought I'd just bump this up to ensure it doesn't get lost in chocolate presentation server overdoses.
  • Any progress on resolving the real estate issue. Every time the user minimizes the MDI with the ribbon control the available MDI real estate is reduced.
  • Any Progress on the real estate issue? I have been away for 7 weeks and received a phone call from a client asking when the above problem will be fixed. Many users minimize OI (with ribbon) and are frustrated seeing the MDI frame reduced in size every time.
  • I dropped the ball on this issue as well, it seems. Please forgive me.

    I am able to recreate the issue and will look into a fix today.
  • Download 3.2.1 RC1 (here) and see if that works better for you.
  • :-)

    Seems to work for me
  • Works fine now.

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