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Feature request: ability to remove added controls


We are using this control to dynamically CREATE other controls (mainly SRP buttons) which then get added to the SRP panel - which works really well. However if I subseqeuently DESTROY any of these controls, then OI blows up upon exit presumably because the panel still have a reference to them.

It would be great to have the ability to remove controls from this panel dynamically e.g. a RemoveCtrl or similar method.

Thanks in advance, please let me know if you need anymore info.


User: James Birnie


  • There is a new release for the controls coming within the next day or two, and that update includes a RemovCtrls method for the SRP Panel Control. I'll let you know when the download is available.
  • SRP Panel Control 2.0.2 and SRP Controls Pro 3.0.6 are now available for download. The update includes the new RemoveCtrls method.
  • Sounds great!
    Thanks Kevin

    User: James Birnie
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