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OI crash

I had OI crashing regularly whenever I minimised the main form, and reinstated.
Happened every single time.
OI 8

I then copied the app folder, and started removing controls and code from the form.
Finally found it, and it was the Panel control.
There was no code on the control.

I renamed the OLE name to" SRP.Panel.1x", and the problem was resolved, reinstated as "SRP.Panel.1" and problem reappeared.

Not sure you will be able to replicate, and I may just change the way I do this particular form to no longer use the panel, but just advising in case its relevant. I don't think any other SRP controls are impacting, as I removed these, and no ribbon bar in place.


  • A simple fix, thankfully. Try SRPControls.ocx 3.2.1 RC6.
  • Thanks, I have installed and now all OK.
    Saves me having to change the concept used, I will leave it as is now.
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