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Version of controls

Is there an easy way of seeing what the version number of all the controls that I have are.


  • Barry,

    The easiest way is to run the SRP ActiveX Controls app. This will require .NET 4 to be installed. You can get it from our downloads page. It is located under the SRP Freeware panel.
  • If you have the SRP Editor, you can run it and go to Help -> About. In the About dialog, there is a hyperlink that reads, "View Version Information." Click that and you will see what controls are registered on your machine as well as your licensing information.
  • I also find it handy to include the Product Version column in Windows Explorer detail view of any folders that have the ocx files. This shows the versions of any copies of the controls you have that may not necessarily be the ones registered.
  • Thanks Matt I will look at that option.
  • That works well for individual controls but not for the Pro control or the controls contained in the SRPCore.ocx (i.e., Button, Picture, HyperLink, Tab, and StatusBar.)
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