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SRP crash on Windows 8


Email from one of my support guys stated:
Got my hands on xxxx's Acer laptop which is 64 bit W8 with a touchscreen.
The SRP shortcuts crashed OI every time they were used.

If I stop the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel" background process (this is tabtip.exe) it also stops the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Helper" (tabtip32.exe) but then the srp controls work fine.

Curiously I can still pop up the touch keyboard on screen in fact typing this using touchscreen.
This is done on handwriting panel so that still works even with the processes stopped.
Any thoughts as to what can be done to make SRP/OI work on these new machines.



  • Colin,

    TapTip.exe is a Microsoft tablet utility. It does not appear to come pre-installed on Windows 7 (or earlier) machines. I suspect it comes standard with Windows 8 since it is designed to be a desktop and tablet OS all-in-one. Therefore, the only way we can begin to troubleshoot this is to get Windows 8 installed on our development machines, which is not a trivial effort considering we have to use these machines for other development projects. There might be incompatibilities with other programs we use and Windows 8.

    Beyond that, we have a contract that we are committed to completing over the next few weeks. We will not be able to do much of anything until mid-April. We will try to get a development system running Windows 8 setup by the time our contract ends. That way we can hit the ground running.
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