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The Challenge

Was wondering when the good people at SRP were going to produce a charting control? :-) :-P


  • I'll help you test it...
  • Mark,

    Speaking just for myself, I've used the OIPI to make charts, a 3rd party control, and Google Charts. Are you just asking out of general curiosity, or do you have a specific application of such a control in mind?
  • Frank,

    More curiosity than anything.

    I've used the OIPI for charts before though I remember it being a little tedious for a very simplistic output. Could have just been me though.

    More to the point, from time to time I come across a scenario where I say to myself "Self, wouldn't it be cool to display this in some sort of chart form right here in the window".

    I'm just now starting on something that will track changes over time and I again had that thought. In the window where the user can enter the new date and value, it would be nice to be able to show a line chart for example of the previous 12 months or some other nominal period instead of just an edit table or tree or something.

    So the thought went through my head and out my fingers
  • Mark,

    To answer your original question, a true ActiveX chart control is something we would like to produce and we have some foundation controls that we can use. However, this is not on our radar to work on just yet (unless, of course, a highly motivated customer wants to help underwrite it.)

    As Frank noted, we have had some very nice success using Google Charts. This allows us to display charts directly in a form as well as in the OIPI. Of course, it does require an online connection.
  • Thanks Don and Frank for the suggestion.

    If I get time to play I'll have a look at Google Charts.
    I think I started down that path once before but probably got distracted because I didn't have a genuine need for it.

    Still don't really but....
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